Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pivoting Using Meterpreter - Metasploit (Video Tutorial)

In this Video Tutorial we are going to exploit a vulnerable Jboss Apllication using the exploit "Jboss Invoke Deploy" and then using Pivoting we are going to exploit another client on the same network.

Pivoting refers to method used by penetration testers that uses compromised system 
to attack other systems on the same network to avoid restrictions such as firewall configurations, which may prohibit direct access to all machines. For example, an attacker compromises a web server on a corporate network, the attacker can then use the compromised web server to attack other systems on the network. These types of attacks are often called multi-layered attacks. Pivoting is also known as island hopping.

Pivoting can further be distinguished into proxy pivoting and VPN pivoting:
  • Proxy pivoting generally describes the practice channeling traffic through a compromised target using a proxy payload on the machine and launching attacks from this computer.[1] This type of pivoting is restricted to certain TCP and UDP ports that are supported by the proxy.
  • VPN pivoting enables the attacker to create an encrypted layer 2 tunnel into the compromised machine to route any network traffic through that target machine, for example to run a vulnerability scan on the internal network through the compromised machine, effectively giving the attacker full network access as if they were behind the firewall.
Typically, the proxy or VPN applications enabling pivoting are executed on the target computer as the payload (software) of an exploit.

This video is for educational purposes only.

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